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Articles within the archive for December 2012

03/12/2012:Weg energy-efficient motors claim 40% less losses - News
03/12/2012:Bosch Rexroth helps Fiennes’ Antarctic Expedition - News
03/12/2012:Oil in water detection prevents steel plant failure - News
04/12/2012:Amarinth sets standard in ZADCO for API 610 VS4 pumps - News
04/12/2012:Royston worker loses fingers on unguarded power hammer - News
04/12/2012:Young shun 'boring' engineering as 'a world of lumpy objects' - News
05/12/2012:Veolia wins three major MBBR water treatment contracts - News
05/12/2012:Atlas Copco helps with London Underground upgrade - News
05/12/2012:Fine for manufacturer after forklift accident at cardboard factory - News
06/12/2012:Fiddling while Rome burns - Reference/Features
06/12/2012:Leave well alone? - Reference/Features
06/12/2012:In the driving seat - Reference/Features
06/12/2012:Fuel from air - Reference/Features
06/12/2012:Liquid assets - Reference/Features
06/12/2012:Taming the beast - Reference/Features
06/12/2012:Get your bearings - Reference/Features
06/12/2012:Making MRO matter - Reference/Features
06/12/2012:Synchronous savings - Reference/Features
06/12/2012:Coriolis meters are Turkish delight for Unilever plants - News
06/12/2012:Industry bank won’t directly aid SME’s frustrated by securities, Cable says - News
07/12/2012:ABB unveils 8MW high-voltage flameproof motor - News
10/12/2012:Red Arrow dumps capacitance for radar level technology - News
10/12/2012:Carl Stahl Evita reaches 500 milestone on LEEA training scheme - News
11/12/2012:Slip rings bring festive cheer to Bury Garden Centre - News
11/12/2012:Forklift operator warning as winter dark poses risks - News
12/12/2012:MasoSine speeds condensed milk pumping for Kerry - News
12/12/2012:BSI seeks input into asset management standards - News
13/12/2012:Digital valve controller helps Chinese plant save $40,000 in repairs and downtime - News
14/12/2012:Spectrophotometer still going strong after 27 years - News
17/12/2012:Retro-fit mixing system beats submersible mixer problems - News
18/12/2012:Entries open for forklift operator of the year competition - News
18/12/2012:Wobbling tube measures extremely small flow rates - News
18/12/2012:First liquid air mainstream energy report gets underway - News
19/12/2012:Babcock Wanson energy centre cuts Kodak bills by 18 per cent - News
19/12/2012:Flow tube set to tame installation problems - News
20/12/2012:Coriolis mass meter improves Adria–Wien oil pipeline operations - News
20/12/2012:Advanced light insulation for Gudrun offshore fire protection - News
21/12/2012:Plant engineers need to change motor sizing approach, warns Softstart - News
21/12/2012:Dalkia CHP plant cuts Westminster’s emissions and bills - News
24/12/2012:Warwick Castle warms with Potterton Baxi boilers - News
24/12/2012:Stay safe, urges workplace equipment firm Slingsby - News
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