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Innovia to save £80,000 per year in steam recovery project

Following an initial site audit and steam trap survey, steam solutions specialist TLV Euro Engineering has supplied and installed a number of efficient solutions on an existing steam line at Innovia Films, with energy savings from the installation already reaching 10MW per day.

Innovia Films is a producer of speciality biaxially oriented ...
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06/12/2021 Mechan bogie press for LU Mechan is supplying a bespoke bogie press to London Underground’s ... » Read More

03/12/2021 Howden's compressors for H2 Howden, a provider of air and gas handling products, technologies and ... » Read More

02/12/2021 Stoke gets JCB pothole-fixer Stoke-on-Trent City Council has become the first authority in the UK to ... » Read More
01/12/2021 FiberLert is a live fibre tool Fluke has launched a handheld tool that detects invisible near-infrared ... » Read More

01/12/2021 Getac expands Ex-proof tablets Getac has launched the next-generation F110-EX, an intrinsically safe ... » Read More

01/12/2021 Sulzer big slurry pump launch Sulzer announces the launch of the world’s biggest medium-consistency ... » Read More

Maintaining frequency inverters

Failure modes, inspection and maintenance, diagnostics and troubleshooting, as well as the general checks for non-specialists: all are covered in this overview article by Jody Muelaner

Frequency inverters are critical components of many drive systems. A frequency inverter changes the output voltage frequency and magnitude to control the speed, ...
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29/11/2021 Servo & VFD feedback devices One issue that often arises when designing closed-loop applications is which type of feedback to use on the motors. In this article, Jeff Kardell of KEB America describes the different types of feedback devices in variable frequency ... » Read More

22/11/2021 Selecting the right blower In the wastewater industry, aeration processes are essential to achieving high water quality standards, but they can also be one of the largest energy consumers. This combination makes reliability and energy efficiency very important ... » Read More

22/11/2021 Functional safety and cyber Malware in standard information technology (IT) systems is, at most, disruptive but not generally life-threatening. However, what happens when this malware is transmitted to thousands of sensors in a nuclear plant, causing a major ... » Read More
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