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Composite pipe repair cuts costs for EDF

The decision by power generation company EDF to repair, rather than replace, leaking pipework at its nuclear power plant in Bugey, France has proved hugely beneficial both practically and financially, according to Henkel.

Maintenance engineers used Henkel’s Loctite composite pipe repair system to restore the integrity of 170m of freshwater ...
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22/06/2021 Manufacturing process survey Despite the challenging past year, a new study indicates that digital ... » Read More

22/06/2021 Yokogawa AC energy calibration The new service offering follows Yokogawa’s accreditation (K164) to ... » Read More

21/06/2021 Nobel battery fire protection Nobel Fire Systems has launched a fire protection solution for lithium-ion ... » Read More
18/06/2021 EAM for maintenance plus HSE To simplify HSE management in chemical processing, and maximise both its ... » Read More

18/06/2021 New vacuum cleaners Dustcontrol UK has launched a new range of three-phase turbo vacuum ... » Read More

17/06/2021 Eaton cylinders for marine use In order to keep gas production on track, bespoke mooring tensioners were ... » Read More

Avoid forking out on costly repairs

Every forklift requires care from both a safety and operational perspective, but failing to make the right calls can prove expensive

A forklift truck is a major capital investment, which is why keeping an eye on its condition, particularly the mast and lifting chains, can help avoid unexpected repair bills. Regular servicing is of course ...
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17/06/2021 Self-propelled modular trailer Deployed linked together in ranks and files, SPMTs can meet the scale of huge structural components, unlike other types of construction equipment. That means that they are the solution to shift and lift just about anything large, ... » Read More

10/06/2021 No-logo lift diagnostics A greater number of third parties are now accessing data for lift diagnostics, ending reliance on OEM maintenance contracts. By Steed Webzell » Read More

10/06/2021 Eminox fits SCR to rail car An emissions treatment system adapted from commercial vehicles provides a possible way to improve air quality in the rail network. By James Thorpe, senior sales manager, Eminox » Read More
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