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NSK bearing replacement extends bakery oven uptime

A UK bakery was experiencing frequent, unexpected stoppages due to the premature failure of plummer block type ball-bearing mounted units fitted to the recirculation fan of a high-temperature oven.

Failures of the plummer block mounted bearing units were causing significant disruption to the bun production line at the bakery, leading to high ...
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03/12/2020 Hinkley Point C sensor order Rolls-Royce has signed a contract with Hinkley Point C for the delivery of ... » Read More

02/12/2020 Robot baler improves disposal A new Kawasaki robot has been installed to assist Ball Beverage Packaging ... » Read More

02/12/2020 Self-powered wagon odometer Motor Technology has launched a new range of odometers designed for use on ... » Read More
01/12/2020 R&D tax credits for repairs A firm that specialises in welding cast iron has earned a £10,000 windfall ... » Read More

01/12/2020 Jacobs buys into PA Consulting Engineering consultancy Jacobs has acquired a 65% stake in PA Consulting, ... » Read More

30/11/2020 Automatic lubrication system Schaeffler has launched its new single-point automatic lubricator to the ... » Read More

SKF builds a new model to better understand hybrid bearing performance

For more than 50 years, hybrid bearings, which use ceramic silicon nitride rolling elements and steel rings, have been the preferred choice for high-speed, high-precision equipment. After a recently-completed testing programme, SKF engineers have finally understood why they work so well.

Engineers know from experience that hybrid bearings can ...
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03/12/2020 Augmented reality& maintenance Augmented reality (AR) has been on the ‘emerging technology trend’ list for many years, but initially saw a slow adoption curve. However, a variety of real-world applications are beginning to emerge. Has the time come to take AR ... » Read More

03/12/2020 Replacing hexavalent chromium Zinc and chrome coatings have been widely used to protect against corrosion an improve surface properties since the industrial revolution. However, these coatings have historically used hexavalent chromium, which is highly toxic to ... » Read More

26/11/2020 Machine isolation and tag-out Equipment that is offline for maintenance must be properly isolated from power, water, air and other sources to protect the safety of the people working on it, as well as the integrity of the process and equipment. But what are the ... » Read More
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