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TLV upgrades Cospect valve

The three-in-one Cospect pressure reducing valve from TLV Euro Engineering has been upgraded and is now being offered with integrated pressure gauges as standard across the range.

Commenting for TLV Euro Engineering, general manager Michael Povey says: “By upgrading and offering the pressure gauges as standard across the range, we have enhanced ...
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20/09/2021 Walkway protection product Consumable solutions company BAXT has launched the TP10 workspace ... » Read More

17/09/2021 Arcola in H2 train conversion Arcola Energy is converting a former ScotRail Class 314 electric train to ... » Read More

17/09/2021 MHM illuminates lorry port Sales and hire equipment firm MHM Group has worked in partnership with its ... » Read More
16/09/2021 MAB/Additive International MA Business, part of the Mark Allen Group, and publishing partner of ... » Read More

16/09/2021 Hitachi train crack report The government regulator the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) reports in an ... » Read More

16/09/2021 Sika concrete repair system Sika has supplied a carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) plate system to ... » Read More

The biggest pumps in the world?

Among the largest pumps made for industry are the reactor coolant pumps used in modern PWR, pressurised water reactor-type nuclear power plants such as Sizewell B in Suffolk, and Hinkley Point C, currently being built. Each 10m-tall gargantuan weighs about 100t. Here is how it works.

Within the water-filled reactor pressure vessel of a nuclear ...
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16/09/2021 Overhung pump retrofit Sulzer examines pump retrofit options outside of the bearing housing for single-stage overhung pumps to improve reliability and reduce operating costs » Read More

09/09/2021 PLM for automation components Purchasing criteria for automation products should not only include performance and price. Buyers should also ensure they ask suppliers how long their product will be supported and their position in the product lifecycle. By Jonathan ... » Read More

09/09/2021 Getting the most out of drives How do you balance replacing older or already-obsolete drives and controls against maximising their service lifespan – and what are the other key influencers at play? By Brian Wall » Read More
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