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Schaeffler introduces CONCEPT1 single-point automatic lubricator

Schaeffler has launched its new single-point automatic lubricator to the UK market.

It says: engineered to ensure optimal lubrication in a broad range of industrial machines and devices – including electric motors, bearing housings, fans, blowers and pumps – CONCEPT1 is said to eliminate the need for time-consuming manual lubrication procedures, ...
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30/11/2020 Norbar torque wrench checker Norbar Torque Tools has launched a new version of its TruCheck torque ... » Read More

27/11/2020 WaterWipes: Cimlogic for OEE Baby wipes brand WaterWipes has partnered with Cimlogic to improve overall ... » Read More

26/11/2020 ABB's drum emptier and doser Cellier, Blending and Formulation Solutions, part of ABB France, has ... » Read More
26/11/2020 Parker Phastite used offshore On BP Exploration’s Bruce field drilling platform 240km North East of ... » Read More

25/11/2020 Keyence 'scope for lensmaking More than six in 10 people in the UK have some requirement for glasses, ... » Read More

25/11/2020 VOC cell from EU photonics lab Chemical plants will become safer places to work with a reduced risk of ... » Read More

Isolation and tag-out procedures

Equipment that is offline for maintenance must be properly isolated from power, water, air and other sources to protect the safety of the people working on it, as well as the integrity of the process and equipment. But what are the essential steps in getting this right? By Brian Wall

All too often, people working on construction sites, and on ...
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26/11/2020 A guide to UKCA marking From 1 January 2021, UKCA (UK Conformity Assessment) marking will replace CE marking as a requirement for goods entering the Great Britain market, including England, Scotland and Wales. This will affect all product manufacturers. ... » Read More

19/11/2020 Cliff railway's new controls Next year, the Aberystwyth Cliff Railway along Cardigan Bay, Wales celebrates its 125th anniversary carrying tourists up to the top of Constitution Hill 97m above sea level. A new control system will keep it running safety for the ... » Read More

19/11/2020 The potential of servitisation Most businesses will say that the digital revolution is making them more customer-centric, but there is a delivery gap between companies’ beliefs about their customer service, and customers’ opinions. This is how connecting with the ... » Read More
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