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Motion sensor solutions

Bigger is almost certainly always better when it comes to heat pumps. In other words, performance, efficiency and cost advantages ...


Size is everything for heat pumps

Bigger is almost certainly always better when it comes to heat pumps. In other words, performance, efficiency and cost advantages ...


Understanding variance

Mains power is supplied with voltage that varies by the time of day and by location. Most machinery can cope with the variation, ...


AI and condition monitoring systems

Could AI be used to improve the performance of conventional condition monitoring systems? Dr Jody Muelaner finds out


A new direction for reverse osmosis

At a molecular level, the natural process of osmosis normally causes water to move through a semipermeable membrane from an area ...


Stress cracks in nuclear pipework

The shutdown of reactors across France last year came as a shock to many, and provides a warning of the effects of stress ...


Analysing gas

Gas analysers are used to measure the chemical composition or some other property of a gas. Typically gas analysers are ...


Using recovered waste heat

The presence of spare heat is a necessary but not sufficient condition to turn it to a good use, explains Jody Muelaner


Avoiding hump instability

Hump instability is a type of unstable fluid flow that can result in increased drag, vibration or buffeting, similar to vortex ...


Measuring liquid levels

Liquid level measurement sensors are being installed throughout the sewage network to reduce stormwater sewer discharges, reports ...


AI and vibration analysis

When a vibration level goes out of tolerance, automated condition monitoring software can notify maintenance staff of an issue. ...


Thermal imaging tips and tricks

Thermal cameras continue to come down in price and are entering the mainstream industrial world to provide help in maintenance ...


Understanding motor current signature analysis

By continuously monitoring the current supplied to the stator, it is possible to detect many electrical faults in induction ...


The carbon footprint of heating and cooling

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is responsible for most of the greenhouse gas emissions from buildings, and a ...


Tackling the challenges of data

Digitalisation projects aim to connect sensors to machines and then use that data to monitor, analyse, and control the process. ...


Risk FACtor

Flow-accelerated corrosion is an important effect that can result in catastrophic failures in high-pressure and high-temperature ...


Condition monitoring for wind turbines

In any application, condition monitoring makes maintenance more efficient by preventing catastrophic failures and unplanned ...


Understanding explosive atmospheres

Many different industrial environments can contain explosive atmospheres containing gases, vapours, mists or dusts. Such ...


Rise of the plug-and-play CM system

‘Plug and play’ condition monitoring offerings over the past year claim to do away with the need for expert analysis (at a ...


Maintaining frequency inverters

Failure modes, inspection and maintenance, diagnostics and troubleshooting, as well as the general checks for non-specialists: ...


Virtual protection: cybersecurity and IECD 62443

The IECD 62443 standard is becoming well-known as instructing operators on how to protect themselves from digital crime. Now, ...


Could batteries replace generators?

The supply shortages caused by COVID have focused the mind on threat scenarios. Critical infrastructure which depends on ...


An overview of force and pressure sensing

The methods used to measure force in a range of applications and how these can be related to pressure sensing. By Jody Muelaner


Inspection shutdowns in UK AGR nuclear power plants

UK nuclear power plants including Heysham 1, Torness and Hinkley Point B have recently undergone shutdowns that have included ...


A guide to automated guided vehicles

Although not new, the autonomous wheeled robots that pick and carry boxes and pallets are becoming ever more popular in improving ...

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