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Five facts about Operations Engineer editorial

  1. Our features add value by striving to equip operational engineers and managers with insights and advice on improving their plant and/or factory performance and compliance
  2. We haven’t listed every feature: we also cover plant and factory engineering issues and innovations as they arise, along with guidance on latest legislation
  3. In-depth and thought provoking: our features are written for managers, engineers and technicians who need to understand the issues, insights and implications
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Plant and equipment Maintenance and asset management Issues Industry focus
JANUARY Mobile plant (including access equipment) Condition monitoring Training Construction
FEBRUARY Boilers and pressure systems; compressors Thermal imaging Environmental spillage and incident management Water supply and sewerage
MARCH Electrical power Vibration analysis Hazardous substances: COSHH Manufacturing
APRIL I&C and sensors Inspection Industry 4.0 Domestic facilities
MAY HVAC Lubrication Legal/regulatory compliance Oil and gas
JUNE Forklift trucks and lifting equipment Cleaning and CIP Automation and robotics Marine and maritime
JULY Fans, pumps and valves MRO Obsolescence Chemical & process
AUGUST Pneumatics and hydraulics and PPE Energy management Physical security and cybersecurity Manufacturing
SEPTEMBER Fixed and bulk materials handling Test & measurement Waste management Power generation
OCTOBER Drives and controls Asset management Preventive maintenance Military
NOVEMBER Moving parts: bearings, gears belts & more Repair & refurbishment Corrosion Facilities plant management
DECEMBER Lifts, walkways, escalators Disposal and decommissioning Health and safety Transport and distribution

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