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DNV JIP focuses on grid sustainability

DNV has initiated a joint industry project (JIP) that will address the environmental impact of power transformers.

The transition to a green future requires energy sources and the energy infrastructure itself to become more environmentally friendly. The sustainability and carbon intensity of materials used in power grid equipment, especially ...
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30/11/2023 Danfoss launches A+ software Danfoss Power Solutions has formalised software for autonomous off-highway ... » Read More

29/11/2023 Plants use Sulzer pumps Sulzer has provided 307 single-stage process pumps for two corn-only ... » Read More

29/11/2023 Fotress system for potatoes Fortress Technology has designed an industrial-sized Bulk Potato Slider ... » Read More
28/11/2023 Sulzer retrofits pump Sulzer performed a pump retrofit for an unnamed oil company experiencing ... » Read More

28/11/2023 VPI links with Swan VPI, a combined cycle gas turbine operator, has migrated almost all its ... » Read More

27/11/2023 NHS SBS manages waste NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) has launched its inaugural ... » Read More

Making maintenance safer

According to the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, 6% of helicopter accidents between 2007 and 2015 were caused by error in maintenance operations (excluding military helicopters). As a result, Airbus Helicopters has carried out an extensive human factors preventive analysis campaign

The human factors preventive analysis campaign was an ...
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02/11/2023 Removing rust Laser cleaning systems are becoming more affordable and available for all sorts of rust removal and general part cleaning applications. Tom Austin-Morgan finds out more » Read More

02/11/2023 Using experts in disputes Expert determination is an effective and swift way to resolve disputes, particularly those of a technical nature, making it an attractively commercial option for many engineering-related disputes » Read More

02/11/2023 Hybrid bearing benefits Not all industrial bearings use steel as their exclusive construction material. Hybrid bearings, comprising both steel and ceramic (or ceramic-coated) components, provide additional benefits » Read More
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