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20/10/2023 Hydrogen Europe welcomes Hydrogen Bank T&Cs Hydrogen Europe has welcomed the terms and conditions (T&C) of the European Hydrogen Bank, a support mechanism for hydrogen offtakers in Europe. » Read More

20/10/2023 NSK provides bearing data NSK is to provide rolling bearing data to Mesys and KissSoft in a bid to accelerate the design process through quick bearing analysis. » Read More

19/10/2023 MasterMover launches Tug solution MasterMover has launched its new remote controlled PS7000+ model, featuring a weight capacity of 70,000kg and MultiLink technology. » Read More

19/10/2023 Timken to acquire Engineered Solutions Group Timken is to expand its engineering bearings portfolio through the acquisition of Engineered Solutions Group (Innovative Mechanical Solutions) in Houston, Texas. » Read More

18/10/2023 Sulzer upgrades turbo generator Sulzer has upgraded a turbo generator that had broken down on behalf of an unnamed Indonesian cement producer. » Read More

18/10/2023 RAIB issues report on freight train derailment RAIB (Rail Accident Investigation Branch) has issued a report following a freight train derailment at Petteril Bridge Junction, Carlisle, on 19 October 2022. » Read More

17/10/2023 Air France and Airbus enter JV negotiations Air France and Airbus have entered negotiations to create a joint venture (JV) aimed at better meeting the long-term maintenance needs of the Airbus A350 worldwide fleet. » Read More

17/10/2023 Home Office publishes fire safety guidance The Home Office has published two new pieces of guidance relating to enforcement and sanctions for non-compliance and guidance for persons with duties under fire safety legislation. » Read More

16/10/2023 Carter showcases gimbals Carter Manufacturing showcased gimbals and bearings used to support space flight applications at DSEI (Defence Security and Equipment International) in London. » Read More

13/10/2023 Burckhardt analyses compressor issues A Burckhardt Compression analysis identified inappropriate materials and designs as the root cause behind all problems associated with two compressors used by an unnamed chemicals company. » Read More

12/10/2023 HSE: WTG lifts pose safety risk The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has found there is a risk of serious injury or death to workers using, or working near, wind turbine generator (WTG) service lifts. » Read More

12/10/2023 RealWear to launch new IS headset RealWear is to launch its next-generation Intrinsically Safe (IS) headset to help improve safety in industries such as oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and mining. » Read More

11/10/2023 Airbus to equip eSails to vessel Airbus is to equip one of the vessels it uses to transport aircraft subassemblies with three eSails, which could deliver fuel savings up to 560 tonnes annually. » Read More

11/10/2023 IOGP: External air supply lost in tank The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) has issued a safety alert following the loss of an external air supply in a tank. » Read More

10/10/2023 GEA supplies heat recovery system to Britvic GEA is supplying a heat recovery system to Britvic’s factory in London, which is expected to cut carbon emissions by an estimated 1,200 tonnes. » Read More

09/10/2023 NWG uses Siemens platform to reduce water leaks Northumbrian Water Group (NWG) is aiming to reduce household water leaks by connecting more than one million smart water meters to a new Siemens platform by 2030. » Read More

09/10/2023 Parker Hannifin offers inverters for industrial applications Parker Hannifin has strengthened its portfolio of variable frequency drives with two new ranges of inverters for general industrial applications. » Read More

06/10/2023 Nord Eco provides support for drive systems Nord has claimed its Eco Service helps companies to find the most efficient drive solution for their application. » Read More

05/10/2023 Siltbuster trials automated valves to optimise DAF units Siltbuster is trialling an automated valve system with Bürkert to optimise the effectiveness of its dissolved air flotation (DAF) units. » Read More

05/10/2023 One Two Beer develops automatic dispensing system Food engineering company One Two Beer has developed an automatic beer dispensing system with Igus drylin linear technology for foam-free pouring. » Read More

04/10/2023 Bürkert delivers gas control system Nova Laboratories has worked with Bürkert to develop more of its own spray drying equipment, which will be used to support customers in delivering powdered products aseptically. » Read More

04/10/2023 XPO rolls out Hunic Exoskeleton XPO has completed a pilot trial of Hunic exoskeleton suit safety equipment at specific business sites and will deploy the technology before the end of this year. » Read More

03/10/2023 FPS launches compressors for dental labs FPS Air Compressors has confirmed its MGF X Line range provides dental labs with a continuous source of clean compressed air without risk of contamination. » Read More

03/10/2023 Veolia opens solar powered facility Veolia has claimed its new facility in Essex can supply renewable electricity to over 15,000 homes and is the largest solar array on a restored landfill site. » Read More

02/10/2023 Ruhrpumpen builds fire pump centre Ruhrpumpen has built a fire pump centre in Lancing, West Sussex, to ensure all of its pumps are able to provide maximum performance instantly. » Read More
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