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Robots The Olis remote monitoring and error recovery solution is available with all Kawasaki robot models starting Q2, 2024

Industrial robot manufacturers are turning to advanced artificial intelligence to improve manufacturing efficiency, flexibility, and safety.

In the manufacturing industry, robotics and automation rely heavily on precision and accuracy for smooth operations. This not only guarantees high-quality output but also contributes to a safer working environment for humans. Now, the potential of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) is being tapped to further enhance performance in these systems.

Olis Robotics, a provider of remote error recovery solutions for industrial robots, has teamed up with Kawasaki Robotics, a supplier of industrial robots and automation systems, to offer customers faster production restarts, reduced troubleshooting and downtime costs by up to 90%, as well as rapid access to expert support.

Users of Olis Robotics’ technology can establish a direct connection to their robots via an on-premises device through a secure connection, thus avoiding the risks and complexities associated with cloud-based systems. To ensure physical safety, the technology is programmed to always adhere to the safety restrictions set by the robot controller.

To demonstrate their collaboration, Kawasaki and Olis Robotics partnered with CRG Automation at MODEX 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia in March. They displayed a cutting-edge robotic corner board system integrated with a mixed palletising and de-palletising cell, featuring a Kawasaki RS007L robot. This system automates the placement of corner boards on pallets being wrapped, thereby ensuring overall load stability.

The showcased system was capable of handling multiple SKUs of unstructured products and was equipped with Olis Robotics’ remote error recovery software. This software alerts users when the robot unexpectedly halts or when there is a failure in picking or placing a part. Following a system failure, Olis Robotics can execute a tool inspection routine and perform remote error recovery, allowing the robot to resume its cycle promptly and return to productivity.

“We’re seeing a growing demand for remote robot monitoring and recovery capabilities; adding Olis to our industrial robots is a game changer for the market,” said Paul Marcovecchio, director GI business unit, Kawasaki Robotics, at the launch. “Our new partnership supports the industry gamut from smaller first-time end users and their integrator partners up to more complex AI-driven applications in larger plants. All stakeholders can now easily and cost-effectively monitor, access, and recover their robot cells remotely.

“Olis Robotics created a powerful tool that also addresses end-user concerns such as cyber security or the need to retrofit machines,” he added.

The Olis remote monitoring and error recovery solution will be available for any Kawasaki robot model from Q2 of 2024. “We’re incredibly excited to start working with Kawasaki integrators to deploy and retro-fit Olis units with Kawasaki robot arms, it’s a win-win for both the integrator and their customers,” said Fredrik Ryden, CEO at Olis Robotics.


Kawasaki Robotics has expanded its collaborations by partnering with NEURA Robotics, whose robotic assistant platform, the CL Series, integrates the safety and user-friendly features typical of collaborative robots (cobots) with a sturdy, robust design. This combination unleashes the speed and productivity of industrial robotics, offering users unparalleled flexibility.

Additionally, Kawasaki Robotics displayed new applications at Automate 2024 in Chicago between the May 6-9 using their R Series and BX Series of dependable, precise, and AI-enabled industrial robots. These innovations were developed in close cooperation with partners such as Mech Mind, CRG Automation, AMT Precision Parts, and Olis Robotics.

At the event, Seiji Amazawa, president, Kawasaki Robotics, said: “Our goal is to harness industrial automation in a way that makes the possibilities virtually limitless for our customers, and our Automate showing will help to reinforce that.”

Manufactured in Germany and featuring NEURA Robotics’ advanced robot assistance technology, the CL Series boasts impressive capabilities. With a speed of 200°/s and a repeatability of ±0.02mm, it offers payloads and reaches ranging from 3kg/590mm to 10kg/1000mm, along with versatile mounting orientations, compact footprints, and IP66 classification for robustness.

Key components of the CL Series include integrated 24-bit encoders, renowned for their exceptional resolution, and a lightweight yet durable construction. Combined with the cobots’ intuitive user interface and proprietary safety architecture, these features facilitate seamless collaboration between humans and robots.

At Automate 2024, Kawasaki Robots and NEURA Robotics also presented several notable demonstrations:

  • An adaptable robotic finishing solution designed by AMT Precision Parts, demonstrating precision, consistency and adaptability handling diverse materials and surface types;
  • Unstructured, autonomous parcel sorting with the Kawasaki R Series, enabled by Mech Mind’s 3D camera and AI-powered software;
  • A full-featured technology display by CRG Automation, showcasing multi-SKU palletising and de-palletising using a BX130X robot and an automated corner board application using an RS007L robot, with Olis Robotics’ Olis Connect, an edge-hosted product providing reliable remote control and monitoring of the entire system.
  • “As customer demand for products of all kinds increases and the unceasing need for skilled labour remains, robotics and automation are clear answers to this widespread industry problem,” Amazawa said. “We are motivated by our passion for creating the best possible robotic solutions to ensure our customers see nothing but excitement, potential and growth when they look to the future.”


    NEURA Robotics has forged another strategic partnership with Omron Robotics and Safety Technologies, a supplier of industrial robotics and automation solutions. Together, they aim to introduce cognitive robots into factory automation. These cognitive robots are poised to leverage advanced AI capabilities to enhance manufacturing efficiency, flexibility, and safety.

    Unlike conventional industrial robots, cognitive robots are designed to learn from their surroundings, autonomously make decisions, and adapt to evolving production conditions. The envisioned applications for these cognitive robots span intricate assembly tasks, detailed quality inspections, and adaptive material handling processes.

    “The strategic connection between Omron and NEURA Robotics brings us a significant step closer to our goal of revolutionising the global robotics market,” stated David Reger, founder of NEURA Robotics. “By pooling our sensor and AI technologies and expertise into a platform approach, we will shape the future of the manufacturing industry and set new standards.”

    Wth the integration of AI, there’s an opportunity to elevate the performance and safety of robotic systems to unprecedented levels. AI promises to enhance not only the efficiency but also the adaptability and intelligence of robotic systems, ushering in a new era of manufacturing capabilities.


    Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) has leveraged advanced AI pallet detection technology, powered by NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin, to create its MiR1200 Pallet Jack. This innovative system utilises 3D vision capabilities to accurately identify pallets and execute pick-up and delivery tasks with “unprecedented precision”.

    “The MiR1200 Pallet Jack is our latest effort to push the boundaries in autonomous material handling,” said Mads Paulin, vice president of R&D at MiR. “We believe that the built-in AI detection system is a significant improvement over older detection technologies.

    “Our approach will reduce pick-and-place cycle times, deliver best-in-class pick accuracy and allow us to continuously deliver advanced, AI-based functionality and value to our customers.”

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