Texaco launches Vartech lubrication technology to remove varnish deposits in turbines23 September 2021

Texaco says its Vartech technology solution significantly improves system cleanliness reducing the cost and reliance on varnish filtration to significantly remove varnish, delivering longer oil life and helping optimise turbine operation.

According to Texaco, Vartech technology provides a new method designed to not only clean a running system but also to keep it clean and deposit-free over time, helping to achieve optimum productivity of a plant’s turbines.Vartech technology is designed to work as a holistic two-step clean-and-control solution to help operators reduce the threats of varnish.

The chemistry of the Vartech Industrial System Cleaner is said to allow operators to substantially clean existing varnish out of their equipment system to prepare it for fresh oil. Vartech Industrial System Cleaner is designed to dissolve varnish deposits from internal surfaces and then stabilise them in the oil for removal with the used oil. In extensive testing it has shown greater varnish cleaning effectiveness and improved oil and seal compatibility compared to many alternative cleaning approaches, Texaco reports.

Next, Texaco recommends filling the system with the appropriate GST Advantage turbine oil for the operation. Texaco lubricants formulated with Vartech technology help limit the precursors that can precipitate out of oil leading to varnish formation.

Finally, to ensure ongoing system performance, Texaco provides a specialised oil condition monitoring program (LubeWatch) in which in-depth varnish analysis can be performed on a regular basis.

Paul Sly, Texaco Global Industrial OEM Specialist commented: “We are all fully aware that the lost revenue caused by unplanned or longer than expected shut down can be extensive. Our challenge was to create a solution that moved away from relying on varnish filtration and dated cleaning methods. The utilisation of the Vartech two-step programme, in conjunction with our LubeWatch monitoring, has seen companies successfully change their maintenance process to remove any deposited varnish more effectively before they fill their systems with new oil. Our Vartech holistic varnish solution has shown strong deposit removal effectiveness and deposit resistance with GST Advantage Turbine oil products in extensive comparative laboratory and field testing. This improves system deposit control and cleanliness, delivering longer oil life and helping optimise turbine operation.”

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