DVSA Recalls

Latest recalls affecting commercial vans and trucks, as well as coaches and buses, brought to you by Transport Engineer magazine and DVSA (the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency)

Current recalls include:

Renault Master 111 (2018-2019 builds)
Contact of the fuel supply hose with the cylinder head cover could cause hose wear. Remedy: carry out a visual inspection of the fuel supply hose and fit a protective sleeve. If necessary, replace the fuel supply hose. Number affected: 5,839. Manufacturer reference: 0DHB. Vehicle IDs: VF1MA000059722441 to VF1VE000X62417662.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2018-2019 builds)
The fuse for the electric system for the air suspension may be incorrectly specified. Remedy: check the currently installed fuse and control unit on the potentially affected vehicles and replace if necessary. Also replace the fuse assignment booklet if necessary. Number affected: 14. Manufacturer reference: SRV2101. Vehicle IDs: WDB9071352N071576 to W1V9076552P231233.

Mercedes-Benz eSprinter (2020 builds)
Vehicles have been delivered with an operating manual that doesn’t contain a warning notice for the exclusive use of an approved charging cable for charging the high-voltage (HV) battery. A supplementary sheet with a corresponding warning notice in the operation manual for the affected vehicles is to be attached. Number affected: 140. Manufacturer reference: SRV2104. Vehicle IDs: W1V9106332P001881 to W1V9106332P272446.

Scania truck LPGRS (2019 builds)
The lower nut that secures the cab tilt cylinder to a mounting bracket may not be correctly tightened. Remedy: check and ensure the tightening torque of the affected nut. Number affected: 1,839. Manufacturer reference: RC201850. Vehicle IDs: YS2G4X20005569907 to YS2S8X40005573524.

Mercedes-Benz eVito (2020 builds)
The additional lock for the connector of the seat belt tensioner wiring harness in the co-driver’s seat bench may not be locked. Remedy: check the condition of the additional lock and if necessary lock correctly. Number affected: 6. Manufacturer reference: SRV2107. Vehicle IDs: W1V44760323808643 to W1V44760323809305.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2020 builds)
The rescue cutting line located in the seat box of the driver seat may not be accessible. Remedy: reposition the rescue loop on affected vehicles. Number affected: 628. Manufacturer reference: SRV2102. Vehicle IDs: W1V9106332P270444 to W1V9106332P290465.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2018-2020 builds)
The reverse gear light may occasionally be non-functional until the next ignition change or the next engine start. Remedy: update the software responsible for gear recognition on the affected vehicles. Number affected: 11,394. Manufacturer reference: SRV2106. Vehicle IDs: WDB9101312N008945 to WDB9106332P188790.

DAF LF CF (2021 builds)
The mating surfaces of the propshaft flanges may be contaminated with paint. Remedy: remove the propshaft, inspect and clean the flanges. Refit with new fixings. Number affected: 44. Manufacturer reference: 648. Vehicle IDs: LF: XLRAEL1500L504926-XLRAEL1700L505305, CF: XLRASM4700G344735- XLRAEM3700G345719.

Volvo FH FM 4 (2019-2020 builds)
A setting of the software parameter for the remote drive external parking brake request is set to an erroneous value. Remedy: software update. Number affected: 7. Manufacturer reference: CO162. Vehicle IDs: YV2RT40C7KA845544 to YV2R002GXLA865919.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2020 builds)
The accelerator pedal may not have been mounted on the vehicle in accordance with the specification. Remedy: check the correct installation of the accelerator pedal on the affected vehicles and, if necessary, renew it. Number affected: 9. Manufacturer reference: SRV2100. Vehicle IDs: W1V9076332P310247 to W1V9106332P309897.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2018-2020 builds)
A software update of the Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) control unit is required. Number affected: 158. Manufacturer reference: SRV2108. Vehicle IDs: W1V9071352N095172 to WDB9071352N062798.

Renault Truck T, C, K, D Range (2016-2019 builds)
Improved emission control and monitoring via an updated EMS and SW software. Number affected: 5,178. No manufacturer reference or vehicle IDs given.

Volvo bus B0E(3) (2019 builds)
The front and side spoiler side covers could come adrift during vehicle operation. Remedy: inspect and if required carry out adjustments to the front spoiler side covers and add a new design to the side spoiler covers. Number affected: 7. Manufacturer reference: C5929. Vehicle IDs: YV3U1W121L1200063 to YV3U1W122L1200069.

Volvo bus B5LH, B5LH (3), B5LHC(3) (2007-2019 builds)
A failing ESS heater relay can cause an unexpected heat development and consequential damage to electrical wiring. Remedy: carry out a replacement of the ESS Heater relay with a modified version. Number affected: 1,888. Manufacturer reference: C5887. Vehicle IDs: YV3T1N9268A126530 to YV3T1U222LA201723.

Volvo truck FH FM 4 (2019-2020 builds)
The steering link rod retainer nut may have been tightened incorrectly. Remedy: the torque of the link rod retainer nut will be assessed and if necessary the link rod and upper steering arm will be replaced. Number affected: 6. Manufacturer reference: C0152. Vehicle IDs: ***********845404 to ***********872354.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2018-2019 builds)
The electrical wiring harness pre-installation for the HERMES control unit (communication module) could become stuck between the brake light switch and the brake pedal. Remedy: Correct the routing of the concerned wiring harness through the installation of an additional cable tie. Manufacturer reference: SRV2021. Number affected: 17. Vehicle IDs: WDB9076332P026360 to WDB9076372P096717.

Renault Kangoo II (2018-2019 builds)
Risk of a fuel leak in the engine compartment. Remedy: inspect and install protection to the fuel pipe or replace the fuel pipe if damaged. Manufacturer reference: 0DGX. Number affected: 293. Vehicle IDs: VF1FW52H259943312 to VF1FWT8M362317020.

Volvo FH13, FHL13, FM13 (2020 builds)
The retainer for the battery power cable at the electrical distribution central might have been incorrectly assembled. Remedy: inspect the retainer and cable. Where necessary, repair the cable and reassemble the retainer. Manufacturer reference: C0151. Number affected: 40 (of each model). Vehicle IDs: (none given).

Dennis Eagle ELITE 6 ETS mid- or rear-steer (2020-2021 builds)
Axle hub bolts may become insecure. Remedy: recheck torque value of axle hub bolts to 500Nm. Manufacturer reference: none given. Number affected: 158. Vehicle IDs: SEG2628GR6BM27046 to SEG2628GR6BM29302.

Mercedes-Benz bus SETRA S 531 DT (2018-2020 builds)
Due to insufficient bonding, plastic end body trim pieces can loosen at the front and rear. Remedy: replace the front and rear plastic end trim pieces and secure with metallic holders. Manufacturer reference: 65.10U20105A. Number affected: 14. Vehicle IDs: WKK41001013125696 to WKK41001013128387.

Volvo bus B5LH/B5LH (3)
Passenger hand poles may become insecure. Remedy: fit modified seat consoles, hand poles & roof poles. Manufacturer reference: C5862. Number affected: 24. Vehicle IDs: YV3T1R924D1159415 to YV3T1U225F1170438.

Peugeot Boxer/Citroen Relay (2019 builds)
Affected vehicles are not fully compliant to European regulation (165/2014 + EU 799/2016) covering the “Smart Tachograph” requirements. Remedy: replacing the tachograph gearbox and on certain vehicles the windscreen, depending on the specification of the vehicle. Manufacturer reference (Boxer): KAM. Number affected: 20. Vehicle IDs: VF3******12K72655-VF3******12L27721. Manufacturer reference (Relay): HFW. Number affected: 1. Vehicle ID: VF7******12L18230.

Ford Transit (2019-2020 builds)
On affected vehicles the rear driveshaft bearing support bracket has not been fitted with the intended internal bushes. Remedy: fit a new driveshaft bearing support bracket. Manufacturer reference: 20S70. Number affected: two. Vehicle IDs: (not given).

Volvo Bus B0E (3) (2016-2020 builds): two faults
A fuse rating has been under-specified and could blow during normal operation, causing the full electric drivetrain to shut down. Remedy: Fit uprated 400amp fuse to position F251. AND Gearshift stops working. Remedy: fit additional spring pin for the Control Cylinder. Manufacturer reference: C5936 and C5930. Number affected: 24. Vehicle IDs: YV3U1W122HA182728- YV3U1W129MA204444

Scania Truck LPGRS (2018 builds)
A cable chafing risk between the cab heater and the harness-to-component connector against the heater bracket. Remedy: check, re-route and secure or replace the harness as necessary. Manufacturer reference: RC201853. Number affected: 2,122. Vehicle IDs: YS2G4X20005569907 to YS2S8X40009260376.