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Articles within the archive for August 2019

01/08/2019:Chief Executive Safety Assessment Federation - Jobs
01/08/2019:Altrad Services begins multi-million-pound contract with SABIC - News
02/08/2019:TotalKare lifting solution for CMG Rescue - News
05/08/2019:What if… - Reference/Features
05/08/2019:Crime stoppers - Reference/Features
05/08/2019:Hacked off - Reference/Features
05/08/2019:Absolute safety… the impossible dream - Reference/Features
05/08/2019:Down the pan - Reference/Features
05/08/2019:Listen ear - Reference/Features
05/08/2019:Inching forward - Reference/Features
05/08/2019:Cushioned approach - Reference/Features
05/08/2019:Comment: Ripple effect - Reference/Features
05/08/2019:A Swiss summit - Reference/Features
06/08/2019:BBH Insite for aero engine company - News
07/08/2019:ABB to modernise oil refinery - News
08/08/2019:Filtermist International makes third acquisition of 2019 - News
09/08/2019:Collett delivers ‘the largest crane in the world’ - News
12/08/2019:Suttons success for in house refurb of tank fleet - News
13/08/2019:WHP completes cleanroom for ADC Bio - News
14/08/2019:Veolia & Irish Water sign upgrade contracts for key water treatment sites - News
15/08/2019:Warehouse pallet storage density increased at Britvic - News
16/08/2019:Contracts awarded to refurbish Well-Safe Guardian - News
19/08/2019:'Deep Reality Viewer' launched by Vision Engineering - News
20/08/2019:Rotamec rewind service helps brewery keep fizz - News
21/08/2019:Xylem supports Whaley Bridge dam operation - News
22/08/2019:JCB starts full production of fully electric mini excavator - News
23/08/2019:Bilfinger UK awarded maintenance contracts with INEOS in Scotland - News
26/08/2019:One step closer to swarm robots that can independently learn and evolve - News
26/08/2019:Pilot project sees robots deliver Coca-Cola products at Alton Towers - News
27/08/2019:BP deck operations contract for Sparrows Group - News
28/08/2019:Lube Cube saves on plastic - News
29/08/2019:Industrial supply company launches automatic replenishment service for engineering sector - News
30/08/2019:Wastewater facility gets screw blowers - News