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Articles within the archive for August 2014

01/08/2014:Fuchs acquires Batoyle Freedom Group - News
04/08/2014:Billerud Korsnäs installs Apex pumps for abrasive dosing - News
04/08/2014:BFPA launches training academy website - News
04/08/2014:1,000th SKF magnetic bearing rolls into oil and gas - News
05/08/2014:Essex company in court after massive chemical spill - News
05/08/2014:Timber firm fined over worker’s injuries - News
06/08/2014:Time for a national strategy for success - Reference/Features
06/08/2014:Devil in the detail - Reference/Features
06/08/2014:Spoilt for choice - Reference/Features
06/08/2014:Thorite completes Norgren’s compressor air supply - News
07/08/2014:£1.5m investment for Cammell Laird energy division - News
07/08/2014:Next-gen energy saving compressors launched by Atlas Copco - News
07/08/2014:Sine wave pumps slash winery tanker offload times - News
08/08/2014:Twinwoods goes for 3.4MW biomass burn with Saxlund - News
08/08/2014:Hinckley STW gets ECS health and safety treatment - News
08/08/2014:Directors and two firms fined over asbestos risk - News
11/08/2014:BOC fined after explosion causes life-changing injuries - News
11/08/2014:Fast laser processing being developed under A’Quilaco - News
11/08/2014:London first to order new bio-thermic digester plant - News
12/08/2014:White paper targets electrical harmonic mitigation - News
12/08/2014:New generation motor control improves speed and torque accuracy - News
13/08/2014:Worker badly burned after firm ignores safety risks - News
13/08/2014:Changes to ISO 14001 environmental standard worry engineers - News
13/08/2014:Micro-Epsilon UK senses 10th anniversary party - News
14/08/2014:You have the power - Reference/Features
14/08/2014:Lay waste to poor recycling - Reference/Features
14/08/2014:Buxton food packaging firm in court over forklift injuries - News
14/08/2014:Babcock Wanson boiler kicks off Viridor AD plant - News
14/08/2014:Energy Institute publishes guide to ESOS energy efficiency - News
15/08/2014:ABB service to extend expensive transformer life - News
18/08/2014:ECS Engineering to rebuild 26-tonne Idle sluice gate - News
18/08/2014:Industry calls for permanent infrastructure authority - News
18/08/2014:Stonehaven firm fined £240,000 after driver crushed to death - News
19/08/2014:White paper reveals the dangers of carbon residue - News
20/08/2014:Process valve body design turns a novel corner - News
20/08/2014:Outlook remains healthy for manufacturers, says CBI - News
21/08/2014:ABB and ESC launch functional safety e-learning - News
21/08/2014:Green desert city gets energy-efficient water pumps - News
22/08/2014:Safety execution centres growing rapidly: match global demand - News
22/08/2014:HSE confirms appointment of new chief executive - News
22/08/2014:Edinburgh firm fined £12,000 after lorry crushes employee - News
22/08/2014:World’s largest tidal array gets go-ahead for Scotland - News
22/08/2014:Rolls-Royce and Pera Technology offer inside track on innovation - News
22/08/2014:Industry ‘wasting millions on poor maintenance’ - News
26/08/2014:Neilson Hydraulics goes ‘back to new’ with Bosch Rexroth - News
26/08/2014:Manufacturing pay runs ahead of wider economy - News
26/08/2014:Compact re-design for Atlas Copco’s energy recovery units - News
27/08/2014:How to avoid the safety catch - Reference/Features
27/08/2014:Chicken and egg - Reference/Features
27/08/2014:Energy chain fires up massive Felixstowe rail traverser - News
27/08/2014:Control Techniques’ new engineering lab is underway - News
28/08/2014:Super precision bearings at Engineering Design Show - News
28/08/2014:Seminar to explain power of robotics for smaller sites - News
29/08/2014:Health check - Reference/Features
29/08/2014:Leading statement - Reference/Features
29/08/2014:ECS completes penstock sluice installation in flooded river - News
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