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Articles within the archive for June 2013

03/06/2013:Rockwell publishes first Process Safebook - News
03/06/2013:Andrew Teich is new CEO at Flir Systems - News
04/06/2013:FCC improves waste to energy efficiency with new compressors - News
05/06/2013:Accidents waiting to happen - Reference/Features
05/06/2013:Norway starts world’s largest heat pump district heating plant - News
06/06/2013:Green energy training kicks off at Pipe and Climate Centres - News
06/06/2013:Rolls-Royce and EEF want Britain’s best young engineers - News
07/06/2013:Innovative pumped mixing maximises anaerobic digestion - News
07/06/2013:Oil-free and Class 0 air poorly understood, says Mattei - News
10/06/2013:ABB buys Dynamotive: expands drives and motors service - News
10/06/2013:Bauer industrial gearboxes deliver 1.5 million Nm torque - News
10/06/2013:Brevini engineered gearbox keeps rock salt moving - News
11/06/2013:KDC Group wins £1.4 million Viridor contract - News
11/06/2013:Good automation projects need youth and experience - News
12/06/2013:Manufacturers looking in wrong places for energy savings - News
12/06/2013:Variable speed compressor solves trailer plant expansion issues - News
13/06/2013:EDF Energy selects Alstom for West Burton and Cottam power retrofit - News
13/06/2013:Second phase of energy entrepreneurs fund launched today - News
14/06/2013:Ascendant tests show Asco filter regulators speed ESD response - News
14/06/2013:BCAS celebrates 25 years in compressed air business - News
17/06/2013:Spill prevention and containment – a better way - News
18/06/2013:Question time for Deputy Prime Minister at Siemens Newcastle - News
18/06/2013:Chemical plant secures £10m productivity boost - News
19/06/2013:Top safety accreditation awarded to Vickers Electronics - News
20/06/2013:Jam Busters VSD hire service ready for take off - News
21/06/2013:Record-breaking traverser for Port of Felixstowe - News
24/06/2013:Cameron to announce bid to create 100,000 engineering technicians - News
25/06/2013:Manufacturing's spending review wish list - News
25/06/2013:Welsh Water back on stream thanks to midnight rescue - News
26/06/2013:Internet and web engineers win Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering - News
26/06/2013:Ultrasound tuned to improve oil performance - News
26/06/2013:Atlas Copco cuts energy consumption by full 70% - News
27/06/2013:Energy from waste sector calls for policy change - News
27/06/2013:World first wireless guided wave radar level transmitter - News
28/06/2013:Flash steam recovery saves cardboard maker £40,000 per year - News
28/06/2013:Successful diagnostics show value of proper process - News
28/06/2013:Rockwell Automation releases DCS migration white papers - News