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Articles within the archive for June 2010

01/06/2010:Setpoint controller is ultra-flexible - Product Launches
01/06/2010:Single point load cells support accuracy for blenders - News
01/06/2010:Hima-Sella expands in East Midlands and Aberdeen - News
02/06/2010:Thermal imaging cameras save Clarks estimated £250,000 - News
02/06/2010:Schneider controls help Bupa’s carbon reduction initiative - News
02/06/2010:ATEX gas detector is now UL approved - Product Launches
03/06/2010:ABS hosetails make the grade for yacht hydraulics - News
03/06/2010:Schaeffler ups the ante on acoustic emissions monitoring - Product Launches
03/06/2010:Fuel and energy questions answered by new website - News
04/06/2010:Deritend to double turnover with energy efficiency service - News
04/06/2010:Laidler issues warning on machinery standards - News
04/06/2010:Bearing optimised for extremes applications - Product Launches
07/06/2010:Drives help power plant produce more electricity - Reference/Features
07/06/2010:Spherical plain bearings smooth Spanish solar generation plant - Reference/Features
07/06/2010:Heraeus infrared helps Eurobond handle cold steel - Reference/Features
07/06/2010:Peristaltic pump quenches brewery’s thirst for top quality - Reference/Features
07/06/2010:Engineering the national interest - Reference/Features
07/06/2010:Manifolds cut time and cost of dp level installation by 85% - Reference/Features
07/06/2010:Drives on the turn - Reference/Features
07/06/2010:Zero tolerance - Reference/Features
07/06/2010:Regulating safety - Reference/Features
07/06/2010:Corporate manslaughter - Reference/Features
07/06/2010:Money for new energy - Reference/Features
07/06/2010:Going with the flow - Reference/Features
07/06/2010:Pumped up and potent - Reference/Features
07/06/2010:The heat is on - Reference/Features
07/06/2010:Robust pump and tube combo solves sticky situation - News
07/06/2010:Water pipeline cleaning technology scoops innovation award - News
07/06/2010:Cut energy losses from control air venting - Product Launches
08/06/2010:Mass flow meter is highest accuracy yet - Product Launches
08/06/2010:Vibration legislation deadline will force UK industry to change - News
08/06/2010:Achilles gets government approval on CRC Energy Efficiency scheme - News
09/06/2010:Kent Nufarm plant clearance and decontamination nears completion - News
09/06/2010:Deritend completes major project on iconic Tees Transporter Bridge - News
10/06/2010:TLV wins steam trap contract for 13 BOCM Pauls plants - News
10/06/2010:Parker Hannifin and Hydrasun in strategic partnership - News
11/06/2010:3M goes for bearing market with Godiva - News
11/06/2010:Litre Meter wants oldest Pelton wheel flow meter - News
11/06/2010:Six-tonne marine reel bearings performing to plan - News
14/06/2010:Petrochemical industry feeling the effects of economic downturn - News
14/06/2010:South Africa’s first wind-farm to power Football World Cup - News
15/06/2010:South West Water approves Nov Mono pump innovation - News
15/06/2010:VeriPRO wins industry safety award for innovation - News
16/06/2010:4,500 tonne UK ammonia plant dismantled for reassembly overseas - News
16/06/2010:Yamatake joins the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute - News
17/06/2010:Paper print problems solved by pallet truck - News
18/06/2010:Water treatment plant hire cuts costs for EPR - News
18/06/2010:Smart valve solves E.On CHP water flow control problems - News
21/06/2010:Buncefield convictions are lesson to others, warns HSE - News
22/06/2010:Sinusoidal pumps solve sticky problems for Halewood drinks - News
22/06/2010:First screw generator for water industry saves £127,000 a year - News
23/06/2010:Luton waste recycling plant got type tested control panels - News
23/06/2010:Little Barford to get uprated clean air plant - News
24/06/2010:AVEVA Instrumentation reports average 30% savings - News
24/06/2010:Federal-Mogul acquires Daros Group for piston rings - News
25/06/2010:Gear units improve cooling tower efficiency at Connah’s Quay - News
25/06/2010:New respirator standards demand particle loading test - News
28/06/2010:Drives and motors - Product Launches
28/06/2010:Quantum helps wallpaper factory save £27,000 in energy costs - News
29/06/2010:Pre-insulated pipe for chilled water - Product Launches
29/06/2010:Achilles gives green light to Speedy rental plant - News
30/06/2010:ATEX solenoids boost safety in offshore cleaning - News
30/06/2010:Smart lighting uses wireless network - Product Launches
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