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Articles within the archive for April 2010

01/04/2010:Sealless mag pumps take on tough problems - Product Launches
01/04/2010:ABN saves 30% energy costs with ABB motor drives - News
01/04/2010:Carbon Reduction Commitment applies to more plants than thought - News
06/04/2010:Condition monitoring device is all in one - Product Launches
06/04/2010:Six auto de-raggers make it at Millbrook - News
06/04/2010:Asset tracking keeps tabs on mobile plant - News
07/04/2010:BOCM Pauls saves £95,000 on steam traps - News
07/04/2010:Multi-channel PID controller has touch screen display - Product Launches
07/04/2010:Share safety alerts - News
08/04/2010:EDF selects UK supplier for West Burton combined cycle plant ducting - News
08/04/2010:GE Technology bringing efficiency and low emissions to Portugal’s refineries - News
09/04/2010:Drives scrappage scheme is popular with export markets - News
09/04/2010:Floating 100 tonnes on air transforms warehouse capabilities - News
12/04/2010:WCL take delivery of new reclaimer from Finlay - News
12/04/2010:Technology park firms drive down electricity costs for manufacturers - News
13/04/2010:Heraeus Infra-Red helps Eurobond handle cold steel - News
13/04/2010:GE to create 1,900 clean energy jobs in UK offshore wind by 2020 - News
14/04/2010:BOC air separation plant to get green government investment - News
14/04/2010:McCambridge Foods set mince pies on PIAB pumps - News
15/04/2010:New oil cargo vessels relies on electrical generation - News
15/04/2010:JCB takes new twist with Archimedes screw - News
15/04/2010:P&M Pumps secures framework deal with Southern Water - News
16/04/2010:Ultrasonics give blanket improvement at Talybont - News
16/04/2010:Bargain Booze slashes stock damage costs with forklift attachment - News
19/04/2010:Permanent magnet motor weaves magic for textiles plant - News
19/04/2010:Jungheinrich warns of importance of reporting near misses - News
20/04/2010:Emerson supports process industry’s first global wireless fieldbus standard - News
20/04/2010:Lord Mandelson rolls up to Revolvo bearing production plant - News
20/04/2010:Sustainability Live, NEC, Birmingham - Events
21/04/2010:IPlantE visit to Diageo, Runcorn - Events
21/04/2010:Brammer goes on air to help build a greener Britain - News
21/04/2010:Take care when selecting respirators, warns Arco - News
22/04/2010:Invensys Operations Management buys Skelta - News
22/04/2010:Lochinvar invests in engineering staff training - News
23/04/2010:Alistair Darling takes time out to visit Schneider Electric - News
26/04/2010:Drives help power plant produce more electricity - News
26/04/2010:New BS management standard guides 20% energy saving - News
27/04/2010:MTEC 2010, NEC, Birmingham - Events
27/04/2010:Amarinth wins $4m orders from Petrofac in the Middle East - News
27/04/2010:Dairy moves into green pastures with anaerobic digester plant - News
28/04/2010:Dual-channel transmitters cut conductivity costs for Eon - News
28/04/2010:Record-breaking steam car comes to Cheltenham - News
29/04/2010:3M support helps Young Engineer for Britain award winner - News
30/04/2010:Carbon Reduction commitment causing confusion - News
30/04/2010:Spirax Sarco invests £25 million in UK factory - News
30/04/2010:Sensor technology proves key to plant teaching - News
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