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Articles within the archive for November 2009

01/11/2009:Under 36? SOE wants you - News
01/11/2009:Surprise bio developments - News
01/11/2009:Technology funding - News
01/11/2009:Sustainable biofuel - News
01/11/2009:Piezo plant upgrade - News
01/11/2009:It’s in the pipeline - News
01/11/2009:Pump precision is tasty - News
01/11/2009:Moon shot - News
01/11/2009:Sustainable power protection - News
01/11/2009:Functional safety - News
01/11/2009:Machine protection rules highlighted as firms fined over deaths - News
01/11/2009:Novel conveyor shifts Mini cockpits for new plant - News
01/11/2009:£2 million energy saving flows from HVAC upgrade - News
01/11/2009:Biomass monitoring must be future proof - News
01/11/2009:Advice available on converting from R-22 refrigerant - News
01/11/2009:SOE dues frozen for 2010 - News
01/11/2009:LEEA reaches 300 with Magnox South - News
01/11/2009:Chemicals guide updated by HSE - News
01/11/2009:Asbestos warning, as death toll tops 35,000 - News
01/11/2009:Rented analysers save £ half million - News
01/11/2009:Change treatment, urges boiler supplier - News
01/11/2009:Aero derivative gas turbine transforms power efficiency - News
01/11/2009:Draw wire sensors for wind turbine blade testing - News
01/11/2009:Smelter speeds up to local control - News
01/11/2009:Valve block design is good wheeze - News
01/11/2009:Eatonite laser coating breaks corrosion and hardness barriers - News
01/11/2009:API 610 standard still forcing sub optimal pump selection on low end duties - News
01/11/2009:Integrated valve and positioner turbocharge Castrol test rig - News
01/11/2009:Paper plant gets 25% air uplift - News
01/11/2009:Banbury betters sludge handling - News
01/11/2009:Tiny PLCs shine new light on automatic process control - News
01/11/2009:Insulated bearings key to higher maintenance intervals - News
01/11/2009:Mustang reborn - Reference/Features